BIC Soleil Shavers Each pack has 3! Lots available, min purchase 4 packs = $7 Message me!
3 packs of razors. That's a total of 9 Razors each in Brand new packaging. Never opened!
Pullover design. Comfortable to wear. For men and women. For everyday or sports activities. Porch pickup in Allen near Stacy and Watters.


I got this box set of lotion for Christmas. I tried out a tiny dab from each tube just to smell it. They are too scented for me, so I'd like to sell them and buy myself another present It says it's from World Market and was $12.
Salter Labs Unopened oxygen tubing and accessories. Used with oxygen concentrator Qty 1 of 7600-0 bubble humidifier bottle Qty 1 of 7000-0 inline water trap Qty 9 of 1220-0 oxygen tubing swivel connector Qty 2 of SO-676. concentrator to humidifier bottle adapter tubing. oxygen tubing w/ standard connector end and male thread end Qty 13 of 1600-7 nasal cannula w/ 7 inch tubing Qty 1 of 2050G-50 ...
Philips Respironics Innospire Elegance Nebulizer system - compressor only - box - manual - order disposable tubing, filters, nebulizer mouthpiece online